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Editor permission to use jPlayer?
  • Hello!

    I'm in the midst of setting things up and I realize that I need for a user who doesn't have full administrator capabilities to be able to use jPlayer to make playlists and put them places. Can you please tell me what in the world jPlayer uses (and also, what this theme uses) to grant this capability? I've tried numerous things -- and no go.

  • Hi,

    Change the capability of the jPlayer menu should do the trick:
    In includes/features/bd-jplayer/bd-jplayer.php, you will find the menu function ar row 101.

    At row 103, 104, 105 you will see the parameters "administrator" (on each line)

    Change "administrator" to "upload_files"

    This should make the jPlayer accessible to authors

    Let me know if it does the trick
  • Excellent. Much appreciated!

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